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This is it. Honest, passionate, no bullshit. We’ve brought the anecdotes from our early days to life by, well, animating our already animated founding family. So tune in and hear it straight from the D’Angelos’ mouths.


Chapter 1: The Hustle

Two words –– two cents. The first English that twin Italian brothers Henry and Arthur D’Angelo would learn when they immigrated to America. The energy of local fandom encouraged them to start peddling sports memorabilia on the streets of Boston at the mere age of 12.


Chapter 2: Family

Some kids get their education in a classroom; others (very few others, probably) get it at Fenway Park. Much like baseball itself, the family business taught Arthur’s four sons, now co-owners of ’47, invaluable lessons in teamwork –– and err, competition at every turn.


Chapter 3: Passion

That same tenacious spirit that started in 1947 has infused the brand culture we enjoy today. As a second generation moves ’47 forward, we will never forget where it started – rooted in family values, genuine relationships and the simple belief that the future is what we create.

Our Family Then

Our Family Now